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The Safety of Ichthyotherapy

Our health is our most precious commodity

The concerns over the safety of an ichthyotherapeutical bio pedicure are groundless.
The treatment or aesthetic activity of the little fish has been repeatedly proven as very effective and completely safe.

The little fish do not bite, and they do not disrupt the integrity of the skin!
They have already helped numerous people and the ichthyotherapy results of the fight against various pathological conditions are remarkable.

The Study of Ichthyotherapy

Ichthyotherapy as an alternative treatment for patients suffering from psoriasis is discussed in a pilot study by M. Grassberger and W. Hoch published by Oxford Press in 2006.

Of course, there are some situations where it is not advisable to undergo the procedure.

See restrictions (contraindications) >>

Please, read an abstract of the pilot study here >>

State-of-the-Art Aquaristic Technology

The technology is related to the safety questions. Our establishment is equipped with state-of-the-art aquaristic technological devices. Each and every aquarium uses the latest generation of a 4-level filtration system thanks to which mechanical dirt is constantly being removed from the water in the aquarium. Every filter cleans 1,600 litres of water per hour.

UV lamps which are a part of the filters ensure the microbial purity of the water. No infectious disease can be transferred from the aquarium to a human.

The temperature of the water, being the life environment of the little fish, is maintained at 32 degrees Celsius by means of a tankless water heater. The warm water facilitates the procedure by making the softening of the skin faster and more thorough, and the fish do not mind such a temperature, on the contrary, they approve of it.

Professional air compressors ensure a sufficient amount of oxygen in the water through oxygenation stones. All the electrical equipment for the aquarium is external, and is not submerged in the water so no electrical injury can occur.

The operation of GARRA RELAX Piešťany is approved by the Regional Authority of the Public Health with its seat in Trnava.

We are looking forward to your visit and so are our amazing creatures which we take care of with love!

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