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Garra rufa fish pedicure is 100% bio

A garra rufa fish pedicure is an innovative wellness method for beautifying the human body, which involves the removal of unwanted skin from the feet. The water in which the fish swim is not chemically treated in any way. Garra fish come from controlled fish farming and they are under constant veterinary supervision.

The bio pedicure uses a foot bath submerged into an aquarium containing about 100 little fish. They do their work instinctively and very well, they like doing it very much. After the feet are submerged in the water, the fish automatically start abrading dead cells from the top layer of the skin. They can get to the healthy skin particularly gently. They are also beneficial for the skin because they purify the skins pores. The touch from the little fish’s mouths simultaneously stimulates certain acupressure points and the vegetative nervous system, giving a micro massage enhancing blood circulation. The feet become relaxed and stress is eased by the activity of the fish. The feeling of relaxation is multiplied by a pleasant water temperature of 32°C.

The success of the Kangal fish is achieved thanks to the dithranol enzyme which is generated in their little mouth while they are nibbling the skin. The enzyme has a moisturising effect and it regenerates the skin (it supports the regeneration of cells). After the bath, the feet remain cleaned, soft and visibly tender. A bio pedicure is not only beneficial and natural but also pleasant and relaxing.

Essentially, this bio pedicure is an ichthyotherapy method. The term ichthyotherapy comes from Greek “ichthys”, which means “fish”. Simply said, the only reason why a bath with fish cannot be taken is ichthyophobia.

The bio pedicure is especially advisable for people with psoriasis, eczema and cracked heels.

For whom the procedure is not advisable (contraindications)

There are certain principles that should be adhered to in the interest of promoting health.

  • in the interest of a visitor who suffers from
    • ichthyophobia – a fear of fish
    • reduced immunity and fevers
  • in the interest of the little fish
    • painting your nails less than 24 hours before visiting the facility
    • open wounds
      • fresh bleeding scabs
      • shaving your lower legs less than 24 hours before visiting the facility
    • infectious diseases
      • fungal diseases of lower limbs and nails
      • on-going treatment of skin diseases and less than two days after its conclusion
        • localised treatment – with antibiotic and corticosteroid salves - the fish may die
        • general treatment – with antibiotic and corticosteroid salves - the fish may die

For whom the procedure is advisable (indications)

The procedure with the Kangal Fish is particularly beneficial in the following cases.

  • skin problems
    • slight to pathologically keratinized skin
    • slight to extremely cracked skin on the heels
    • scaly, dry, eczematic, psoriatic skin
  • neurological health issues
    • reduced or reverse sensitivity in lower limbs up to fingertips, for instance
      • as a result of Intervertebral disc syndrome
      • conditions following intervertebral disc surgeries

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